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This deviation was deleted

[this is my first critique, so I hope it's okay.. O-OTL and sorry if there are some grammar mistakes]

...oh~ * v *
Pommu this is literally amazing!! I absolutely L O V E how you shaded and coloured it,
and the colours you used are so uplifting and beautiful! Also, I find it very hard to draw with a mouse,
and it's extraordinary that you did all this with just a mouse. wow! T//v//T And your new OC is very adorable,
I love her dress and the ribbons on it, it's cute! The way you shaded her hair with the grey/black, green and slightly purple
blends so well together and it's all eye-candy, I could just stare at my screen forever.. * Q * The background is very well made
too! I like the flowers and flower petals around her and the stars; it's all very calming and the green behind her makes it all look natural o v o .
And I just adore how you shaded it all!! It's just so pretty and soft, and I have to say that, you improved A LOT since I watched you, and that
was in such a short period of time (july-and now)! And also I have to say that I love how she's sitting on the clouds, it gives the picture a special feeling!
The only part which I find just a bit weird is how her right arm is posed.. you could've moved that a little bit, and coloured the sleeve a darker colour, because
it is a little confusing. And that circle she is holding could be a little lighter, so it fits the colour scheme, but that is all!
And I have to mention that I also like a lot the way her hair is flowing, and those ribbons and flowers on her hair too!
It is all so AMAZING, I just love it. And you impoved soo much (i already said this but oh my god) and it makes me jelly hehe. <3
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